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New Moon Triple Goddess Pendant

New Moon Triple Goddess Pendant

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This necklace is inspired by the Triple Goddess Symbol, symbolised by phases of the moon as a passes though it's 28 day cycle. This pendant represents the new moon or dark moon, with a central stone of black onyx, aiding the wearer in self introspection and releasing stagnant energies that no longer serve. 

The 3 moons of the symbol represent the 3 archetypal stages of a womans life:

• The Maiden •

• The Mother •

• The Crone •

This necklace is the perfect pendant for anyone who wishes to connect more deeply with their feminine energy, and especially for those who connect with and feel drawn to the new moon or dark moons energy.

This pendant comes with an 18 inch curb chain included. 

All handmade with recycled 925 solid sterling silver.

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